Sessions In Person


I offer sessions in person in my practice in Rönninge, 30 min south of Stockholm.

In Your Flow

Lilldalsvägen 22

14461 Rönninge

(10 min to Rönninge station)

see on map here

1300 kr

Based on your specific issues, we work together on tracking your energies with the help of energy tests to find the imbalances in your energetic body that may cause those issues. We then work on those imbalances during the session and you will be taught exercises to work on yourself at home between sessions. Package prices available when booking multiple sessions (see further down).


A lot of imbalances need some time to resolve, especially if they have been in your energy field for a while. 

I recommend a series of 4-8 sessions to really get the results you want. More chronic conditions might need a little longer. We can discuss the number of sessions needed either after your first session or beforehand in a free consultation.

-15% Package 4 sessions: 4420 kr 

-20% Package 6 sessions: 6240 kr

-25% Package 8 sessions: 7800 kr

Energy Explorer


80 min

Restful session that focuses on balancing your overall energies and get you grounded so that your body and mind can relax and refresh.

I intuitively follow your energies, no energy testing is done.

Good for reducing stress and better sleep.

750 kr


A regular Energy Balancer Session can do wonders for your wellbeing, so why not treat yourself with a package of several sessions?

You could also buy a package and share it with a friend or a family member.

-15% Package 4 sessions: 2550 kr 

-20% Package 6 sessions: 3600 kr

-25% Package 8 sessions: 4500 kr

Energy Balancer


40 min

Is this right for me?

Consultation via Skype or telephone

20 min 

Are you wondering whether EEM can help with your individual issues?

Do you want to know how to get started with simple exercises?

We can discuss how to go forward and whether in-person sessions are the right fit for you.


All prices include 25% VAT.