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I help you to find your very own and individual path to wellbeing by combining energy work with Human Design coaching.

Human Design provides us with the blueprint of how our own energy is meant to be expressed and embodied.

I help you decode and understand your very own blueprint and I support you in getting aligned with it so that you can become the person you were born to be. 

Are you ready to dive in?


Meet Your Design

90 min

In this session you will get to know the most important elements of your Human Design blueprint. In line with your energy type, you will learn easy self-care tools that you can start using straight away to support your energy and to elevate your wellbeing.

Your design wants to be experienced and embodied, this is a great way to start this journey.

Includes recording of the session and pdf about your design.

1800 kr / 180 €

Love Your Design

4 x 60 min or

6 x 60 min

Together we will dive deep into what it means to live and embody your design.

We will look into your chart in more detail and find out where you are not in alignment with your true nature and where you can expand more into the higher aspects of your energy and your overall wellbeing. 

On this journey I will guide you intuitively and will incorporate energy work like DeltaCure as I see fit.

4200 kr / 420 € or

5800 kr / 580 €

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Family session

Child session

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